2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – Our New Luxury Car

Mercedes has always been a company that values efficiency and comfort. Its consistent innovation has helped sealed their position at the forefront of the high-end automotive industry.

Their newly inaugurated flag-ship model, the 2018 S-Class, marks the level of sophistication that we have come to expect from Mercedes. The S-Class comes with a vast array of features, all of which aim to enhance the quality and comfort of the ride.


The 2018 S-class takes another step down the path of turning drivers into passengers. It is a car definitely designed to be chauffeured in, rather than to be driven. Passengers can enjoy electric ventilated heated seats, with hot stone massage, a state-of-the-art infotainment system and last but not least, cushions that gently lull your head into bliss.

The new ENERGIZING Comfort Function will help you make the most of our chauffeur service. This optional feature, “allows customers to configure a specific wellness setup to suit their current mood or needs, enhancing physical comfort and performance on the road.” The new S-Class is a wellness temple on wheels boasting 6 programs that automatically combine; the car’s climate control, seat heating, cooling, and massaging functions, ambient lighting, audio system programming, and even the vehicle’s built-in fragrance atomizer to create the perfect ambiance for you.

Each setting is designed to elicit a particular feeling, “Vitality” would choose music with higher bpm, a brisk massage, and an optimal ambient temperature, whereas “Comfort” helps you to sit back and relax with soothing music, a calm light and a soothing massage.

Besides “Vitality” and “Comfort” you can choose from “Freshness,” “Warmth,” “Joy,” along with a “Training” mode to help you get the most out of our chauffeur service. You can expect to travel around Malta in unparalleled luxury and feeling sharp.


Let’s take a look under the hood for the new Mercedes Benz. Perhaps the biggest change for the S class is their choice to replace the V6 engine with a more traditionally built, inline 6 cylinder engine. This allows for the engine to develop more power for less fuel consumption. This means an output of a V8 engine with the consumption of a 4 cylinder engine. This is great news for us at Dacoby’s chauffeur service as we can keep providing a comfortable ride with less harm to our environment.

Besides a wealth of other technical upgrades, the S-class also comes with a “curve-tilting function,” an interesting new addition which allows the car to “lean into” corners with greater ease and automatically adjusts to reduce to amount of centrifugal force felt by the passenger during these maneuvers. These features all come together to provide you with to smoothest ride as you travel around Malta and Gozo.

The new S-class has picked up the mantle as Mercedes’ new Flagship, not only does it have the power to match its predecessors and competitors but does it while providing luxurious comfort. It is a fine addition to our exceptional fleet of Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Experience a professional chauffeur service like no other as you travel in style. With our exceptional reputation for quality service and attentive approach, Dacoby chauffeur service is your first choice for executive travel around Malta.

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