Getting around Malta with a Luxury Chauffeur Service

Hiring a luxury chauffeur service is not something I thought I would do, I enjoy driving too much to let someone drive me around the island. Unless I’m pressed for time, going from appointment to appointment. It tends to spiral downwards then, being 5 minutes late for the first meeting means you’re going to be late for the rest of your appointments.

On this particular hot July, I had to go round visiting different theatres for a production. My boss offers to hire me a luxury chauffeur service to visit all of the different venues in a single day. This was a blessing, as I had no idea where half the theatres were except a vague location on GoogleMaps. Besides, my boss was going to foot the bill and it was either that or stressing it out and paying for my own fuel.

I have to admit, I had never ridden with a luxury chauffeur service so I felt a little bit giddy when I saw the sleek Benz coming to a stop in front of me. The driver stepped out, a venerable looking man in his freshly-pressed suit. Although it was 9 am the sun was scorching and I was amazed how there wasn’t a single bead of sweat on his forehead. The driver walks out, calm as you please, and holds the front door open for me smiling;

Good Morning, my name is Louis and I’ll be your chauffeur today!

Anyone who can face Maltese traffic on a daily basis and still smile by the end of it is ok in my books! Stepping inside, the car was immaculately clean, I felt a bit ashamed thinking about the mess of empty plastic bottles and papers inside my own car. As I sat back, enveloped by the soft seat I could smell that the car had been freshly cleaned and I began to understand why it was called a luxury chauffeur service.

We were driving in the Mercedes S-Class, everything about it screamed opulence and sophistication, from the silken exterior to the hazel finishings on the spotless interiors. I was constantly checking to make sure I didn’t scuff or dirty anything by accident. More than once I caught myself admiring the smooth turning of the car and the whispering engine. Usually, I let the radio play to hide the odd sounds coming from my engine, but this car was a work of art.

It must be nice, driving a car like this every day, I tell Louis.

It’s a marvellous car, Louis tells me, a genuine pleasure to drive

I noticed that as we drove Louis had no need for the GPS system on the dashboard, he knew the routes like the back of his hand. Skillfully navigating the hotchpotch Maltese roads and circumventing the worst of the traffic chokepoints. I tried to make a mental note of these new secret paths but I decide to sit back and enjoy the executive chauffeur service in Malta for a change.

We talked about our work and I was fascinated by the interesting people Louis met on a daily basis working as a chauffeur in Malta. Louis was extremely easy to talk to, always courteous and well-read about a number of topics, from cars to property to international affairs. As we’d reach my destination I’d feel a pang of disappointment at leaving the conversation hanging.

After our second stop in Msida (Louis had bypassed the worst of the Msida traffic), I stepped back into the cool air-conditioned car to find an ice-cold bottle of water waiting for me. It might seem like a small detail, but in that blazing summer heat, it was a godsend. Besides, its that level of attention to detail that makes a luxury chauffeur service!

Eventually, we covered all the stops we had to make, there was never a risk of running late and parking (try finding parking by the Salesian Theatre during the day) was something I didn’t have to worry about for a change. You begin to notice a number of things when riding as a passenger with a luxury chauffeur service that you wouldn’t notice when driving. The crystal clear seas of St Julian’s Bay, the hustle and bustle of students in Msida and quaint serenity of Taz Zokkrija, on the outskirts of Mosta, during midday. With the daily back-and-forth sometimes we forget to take a step back and enjoy our surroundings.

Louis dropped me off at my office, with the same elegance as before, waved good-bye to me and carefully drove off. Stepping back into my own car after work felt disorientating, suddenly I was back in my mess of plastic bottles and sputtering engine. Facing the rush of 5 o’clock traffic by myself head-on, I began wondering why had never booked a chauffeur service in Malta before.

Following my first experience with chauffeur services in Malta, I’ve ridden with other luxury chauffeur services both locally and internationally, for work and pleasure. Some were good, some were a let-down, but none of them has matched the excellent level of service which Dacoby’s luxury chauffeur service gave me.

To anyone who thinks that luxury chauffeur services are reserved for the elite, well getting a chauffeur every day can get a bit pricey. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself, besides if you have no problem wanting to book a good hotel when you go on holiday, what’s wrong with making your transit less stressful and a little more luxurious?

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