Group tours chauffeur service

With a vast range of luxurious chauffeur vehicles, Dacoby ensures an impeccable chauffeur service in Malta to accommodate groups of all sizes. Our extensive fleet of chauffeur cars and vans is versatile enough to seat larger numbers such as 7, 8, 10, 14 and 18 passengers while our coaches can take up to 53 seated passengers. Our group tours and transfers around Malta and Gozo require advanced bookings, so be sure to contact us beforehand should you request our chauffeur services.

Explore Malta with our private chauffeur service

Discover each and every iconic destination with our private chauffeur service in Malta. We provide our esteemed clientele with a personal chauffeur who reveals the incredible culture and extraordinary heritage that the beautiful Maltese Islands have to offer.

From the ancient temples and historic sites to marvelous hidden gems and other breathtaking sights, experience the beauty of Malta and Gozo with Dacoby’s Group Tours Chauffeur Service. Our group tours feature customised routes, including predetermined stops at local landmarks and various attractions across the Maltese Islands.

Dacoby's Mercedes group tour chauffeur vans

Dacoby features a world-class fleet of extravagant Mercedes vans to accommodate several passengers, with professional chauffeurs who ensure that our guests arrive at their destination in comfort and style.

Tour in style with Dacoby

One of the most significant reasons why our clients hire our professional chauffeur service is because it allows them to discover Malta’s many wonders at their own pace, taking in the sights that they want to see and allowing them to linger at the places which their heart desires.

Dacoby’s Group Tours Chauffeur Service in Malta is second to none and one of our most popular services for travelling visitors. We understand that for many of our clients, a trip to Malta is a once in a lifetime experience, so why not opt to travel in style during your tour?

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Mercedes S Class

The “S” stands for “Sonderklasse” which translates in German to “Special Class”. As the name therefore suggests, this is a car tailored to the highest standard and the pinnacle of Mercedes’ flagship series. This opulent and exclusive range has been the choice of many businessmen, politicians, kings and high dignitaries alike, all around the world. Make this your choice if you wish to travel in unsurpassed comfort, arrive in supreme style and care about very little along your journey. This is an ultra luxury limo fit for all of those that put an emphasis on how they travel and what their choice of transportation says about them.


Mercedes Sprinter Dacoby Executive Chauffeur Driven Cars. The Sprinter is your choice if you think the “Vito“ or “V Class” are still not large enough to accommodate all of your travel needs. This luxury minibus is reserved for the largest of jobs, with choices ranging from 10, 14 and 18 seaters. It is a popular choice among blue-collar workers in Europe for its reliability and immense load capabilities. Tough and durable, you can rest assured that both you and all of your belongings will journey safely and efficiently, whilst maintaining a level of luxury unsurpassed in its category. These vehicles are equipped with the safety measures that meet the latest standards, with luxury extras including air conditioning so that you can commute optimally and travel in large groups in business class comfort.

Mercedes E Class

The “E” Class is an executive line of cars and a highly popular choice. The comfort-to-cost ratio is more attainable than the “S” Class, and for many, this option is more than satisfactory for their commute. This affordable option therefore is a popular choice among our clients, those of which require a refined journey in great comfort and style. The “E Class” is a car which has earned its reputation among executives and professionals, as a workhorse; a very durable and reliable means of travel. If you want a piece of luxury, with a cost that is more pocket-friendly, then this is most certainly the option for you. The “E Class” can seat up to 3 people.

VITO Executive

The “Vito Executive” is classed as a light people carrier and a popular choice, widely selected by labourers and taxi firms due to its high capacity for volume and weight. The maximum amount of load threshold falls just under 1,400kg, the highest in its class. Add to this its reputation for reliability and style, this standout vehicle compliments the rest of the fleet. The conference seating style will further enhance your trip, especially when travelling in large groups. Whether you require the space to move more of your belongings, or seating for up to 7 people, this option will ensure that you are seen to in luxury, efficiency and travel comfort. This is a popular choice for those commuting with a large amount of equipment, gear or other bulky personal belongings – perfect for any group service ranging from airport shuttle travel to your family or group day trips – sightseeing across Malta with peace of mind. The “Vito Executive” is a luxury baggage handler that can enhance your travels, keeping with the consistent quality and image attributed with Mercedes-Benz.