Valletta 2018: What’s happening in February

Valletta 2018, also known as V18, is one of Malta’s most extravagant events and as the European capital of culture, Valletta (and the rest of Malta) have a lot to offer. V18 is a year-long cultural experience, promising a vast plethora of events every month. From Musical Orchestras, Acrobatic Installations to Visual Art Galleries, everything in V18 is designed to stimulate the senses and highlight the rich and diverse culture present in this humble island paradise.

For the month of February, V18 has several colourful events including Malta’s infamous Carnival, an international musical symphony and a unique performance by the shadow theatre company Luz Micro y Punto. If you’re in Malta, these events are definitely not to be missed.

Carnival in Malta

Carnival is one of Malta’s most anticipated events with celebrations occurring across Malta and Gozo, and the presence of Valletta 2018 will only serve to make the celebrations even grander. One of the largest places to celebrate this festivity is within Valletta itself, as thousands of people flock to see the lavish costumes, marching bands and flamboyant dancing as the historical city resonates with the vibrant revelry.

The biggest attraction for Carnival, however, remains the float parade. Larger than life, hand-made floats make their way along Valletta’s streets accompanied by a musical entourage until they finally arrive in St. George’s Square where the celebrations carry on well into the evening. This five-day festival starts on the 9th of February and ends on the 13th, needless to say, roads in Valletta will be closed and the popularity of this event means that parking will be quite an issue. Why not indulge in Dacoby’s chauffeur service and arrive in style?

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Or go one step further and visit Malta’s sister island Carnival celebration at Nadur, Gozo? On the 11th of February, many locals don satirical and comical costumes and breathe life into their personas as the streets become an interactive stage for the spontaneous and improvised performance.

As these celebrations occur in the evening, it makes perfect sense to travel around Gozo during the day to explore the quaint and picturesque landscape. Our chauffeur service will expertly navigate you through Gozo winding roads and make sure that you arrive in time for the Carnival merrymaking.

Años Luz – Mqabba

Cultural events are not limited to music and moving image, the European Capital of culture aims to bring all aspects of culture to light. From modern and experimental to obscure and exotic. Luz Micro Y Punto is a Spanish shadow theatre company who are known to create visually stunning masterpieces whose techniques embody the meaning of the story they’re presenting.

The performance will take place on 24th and 25th of February in Mqabba. Mqabba is a small town found beyond the main hustle and bustle of Malta. Sit back and enjoy the road trip with our excellent chauffeur service as you make your way off the beaten track.

Our Other Europeans

Valletta 2018 prides itself on not only exploring Maltese culture but our shared European heritage. Two, often marginalised, pillars of European culture are the Yiddish and Roma. For the European Capital of Culture, fourteen leading klezmer and lautari musicians will be gracing the halls of St. Agatha’s Auditorium in Rabat on the 3rd of February. These internationally acclaimed musicians will highlight the struggles experienced by these opulent cultures which have shaped European traditions for centuries.

Icon Island – A live battle of pictures and sounds

Virgil Widrich is an internationally a renowned Austrian filmmaker who specialises in experimental moving image. On the 17th of February, Widrich will be presenting his visual collage at the Salesian Theatre in Sliema as part of Valletta 2018. Wildrich’s work is designed to take his audience on a visual journey through the perception of island life throughout history.

As part of the European capital of culture, this project will also feature local artists who will provide a live musical mix to compliment this mystical journey.

Unfortunately, Sliema is notorious when it comes to parking, but that won’t be a problem as our diligent chauffeur service will drop you off and pick you up right in front of the theatre so that you can enjoy this visual installation to the full.

The Snake Show

The whole scope of the European capital of culture is to bring greater awareness to our cultural heritage. Valletta 2018 is no different, and as part of this mission from the 2nd until the 10th of February, a pedagogic exhibition will be held in Valletta, about one of nature’s most enigmatic creatures. Serpents have played an intriguing, dichotomous role throughout history, they are symbols of fertility and wisdom and yet they are also associated with evil.

Fragmenta Malta will be hosting an exhibition as part of V18, which will feature contemporary painting, archival artifacts and research material designed to guide you through the intricate symbolism behind snakes and serpents.

Travel around V18 with Dacoby Chauffeur Service

Valletta 2018 has something for everyone, be it scholastic exhibitions, flamboyant festivals, musical orchestras and immersive shadow puppets. Dacoby’s chauffeur services ensure that your travels around Malta will be in style, offering a luxurious, high-end fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a brand which reflects excellence and luxury, something which is shared with Dacoby’s philosophy. Professional chauffeurs, hand-picked for their proficiency and commitment to the job, will navigate you through the mazed roads all across the island.

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Enjoy the best of your V18, with our Mercedes-Benz fleet and our exceptional reputation for quality service and attentive approach, Dacoby is your first choice for an executive chauffeur service during your travels around Malta. Marrying sophisticated services and contemporary comfort, Dacoby’s chauffeur service ensures that wherever you need to be in Malta, you’ll arrive in style and on time.

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