Valletta 2018: What’s happening in January

There are quite a few reasons why Malta is known as the Mediterranean’s best kept secret, its warm weather, exquisite food and unique atmosphere, but it is Malta’s intricate history and vibrant culture that has sealed its place as the European City of Culture.

Valletta 2018, also referred to as V18, is a year-long programme is the result of over €10 million invested in the cultural sector. It boasts around a 1000 local and international artists, designers, performers, choirs and filmmakers. All of the events focus on bringing together the elegance of traditions and the extravagance of the contemporary in beautiful harmony.

Although the festivities will emanate throughout the whole island, the opening ceremony will take place in Valletta, the European Capital of Culture. Make the most of your V18 experience and travel around Malta in style with Dacoby Chauffeur service.

Four Squares

The opening celebration of Valletta 2018 will commence on the 20th of January at 19.00 (local time) all across Valletta’s four main squares; Triton Square, St. George’s Square, St’ John’s Square and Castille Square. Each square will host its own unique exhibition bringing together and myriad of performers and artists.

The Rise of the Tritons

La Fura dels Baus will inaugurate the newly restored Triton fountain in Valletta through a larger than life acrobatic choreography installation. A 60-man net, a fitting representation of Triton, son of Poseidon and messenger of the sea, composed of acrobats dangling precariously will be sure to amaze and delight everyone watching them as they sway and sail through the air.

Our Heart

As part of V18 opening celebration, St George’s square will be hosting an interdisciplinary exhibition, bringing together dancers, musicians and visual effects experts. These disciplines will be woven together in a rich and extravagant cultural tapestry featuring original musical scores by local artist Cyprian Cassar.

Two Thousand and Eighteen

Culture is primarily about retaining traditions and embracing the modern. It is fitting then that the performance at St. Johns square will marry a contemporary choral symphony with Valletta’s antique architecture. Through the use of lighting technology, the centuries-old facade will be illuminated alongside the rhythm of the performing choir, being directed by Pamela Bezzina.

From the Depths of the Past to the Heights of the Future

As the sands of time erode the present into the past, it also carves away at the future. Duane Laus will being using modern 3D mapping projection technology to illustrate how Valletta grew and developed from a lonely hill, to a military fortress until finally culminating to the European Capital of culture. CGI will illuminate and animate the streets all around Castille Square bringing the past to life and a glimpse into what Valletta’s future may hold.


It would be unfitting to neglect Malta’s contemporary cultural scene. After taking in the opening V18 ceremony all across Valletta, a large after party hosted by a prominent local DJ, Tenishia, alongside the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, will be waiting for you at St George’s Square to help bring the opening ceremony to a close. Do not miss this opportunity to indulge in the festivities and rest easy knowing that our excellent chauffeur service will drive you home safely and comfortably.

The Valletta International Baroque Festival

Valletta is a quintessentially Baroque city, as part of V18, musical orchestras will be held across various baroque buildings scattered all across Malta. A full list of these venues can be found here. Several of these historic locations are nestled deep within Malta’s heartland, Dacoby’s excellent chauffeur service will make sure that you enjoy the ride as you travel around Malta and arrive comfortably to all of these musical masterpieces.

Inspired by China – Fine Art Exhibition by Maltese Artists

A culture which does not draw inspiration from other cultures is one which will eventually stagnate and wither away. Part of the theme of V18 is the “One Belt, One Road” which celebrates cross-cultural fertilisation. Starting on the 19th of January and proceeding all the way through till August, various distinguished Maltese artists such as, Aaron Bezzina, Enrique Tabone and Matthew Mirabelli will be hosting Fine Art Exhibitions across the island; Valletta, Gudja, Gozo and St. Julians. For further list of dates and venues can be found here. Circumvent the traffic thanks to our diligent chauffeur service and arrive in style to these cross-cultural expositions.

Travel around V18 with Dacoby Chauffeur Service

Needless to say, V18 will be a very popular event, bringing people from all over the island and the world. Traveling around Malta is already quite an issue, the added strain on public transport will surely be noticeable. Why not avoid the woes of parking and getting lost along Malta’s meandering roads, by booking a professional chauffeur service?

Dacoby’s chauffeur services ensure that your travels around Malta will be in style, offering a luxurious, high-end fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, a brand which reflects excellence and luxury, something which is shared with Dacoby’s philosophy. Professional chauffeurs, hand-picked for their proficiency and commitment to the job, they will navigate you through the mazed roads all across the island

Enjoy the best of your V18, with our V8 Mercedes-Benz fleet and our exceptional reputation for quality service and attentive approach, Dacoby is your first choice for an executive chauffeur service during your travels around Malta. Marrying sophisticated services and contemporary comfort, Dacoby’s chauffeur service ensures that wherever you need to be in Malta, you’ll arrive in style and on time.

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