Valletta 2018: What’s happening in March

This year’s European capital of culture, Valletta 2018, has been in full swing for the past two months and it’s been a roaring success, drawing people from all over the world to partake and enjoy an assortment of cultural events! For the month of March, V18 promises several exciting musical concerts featuring many international artists, from Classical Opera, Czech and Romani Jazz and contemporary electronic music from all over the world.

March has something for everyone, so sit back and enjoy the music as our dedicated chauffeur service escorts you to each of these fascinating cultural milestones.

Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Teatru Manoel has had a rich history of hosting opera’s since its conception in the early 18th century, and it is fitting that as part of the European Capital of Culture it should conduct one of Mozart’s most famous operas; Don Giovanni. The Opera revolves around the notorious seducer, Don Juan, breezing through life thanks to his nobility and charisma until he comes face to face with something he cannot outwit. Thanks to Valletta 2018, we have the opportunity to witness a historical work of art, the product of two musical giants; Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo Da Ponte in all of its symphonic splendor.

The opera will be held from the 5th of March through to the 9th of March at the Teatru Manoel in Valletta. Given that Valletta is a historic city, certain modern day amenities (such as parking) are difficult to come by. Enjoy the drive to Valletta and take in the beguiling Baroque architecture as our professional chauffeur service makes sure you arrive in style.

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Años Luz – Ghajnsielem

Años Luz’ first show for Valletta 2018 in February, captivated the audience through the dazzling, age-old craft of shadow puppetry. Luz Micro Y Punto is a Spanish shadow theatre company who are known to create visually stunning masterpieces whose techniques embody the meaning of the story they’re presenting. This month’s V18 show will be held in Ghajnsielem, Gozo, on the 3rd and 4th of March. Gozo is Malta’s sister island and boasts picturesque landscapes which will be in full bloom in Spring, not to mention some fine, rustic cuisine! Make a day of this event, drive around Gozo sampling the local fare and taking in the sights as our dedicated chauffeur service takes you around the island and to the show.

Ida Kelarova Jazz Famelija

The European Capital Culture helps celebrates all forms of European culture. One of the most precious forms of culture is the Romani, especially their music, which graced their audiences’ ears, alongside Klezmer music, in a separate Valletta 18 event last month. If you enjoyed that performance, then the “Jazz Famelija” is sure to pique your interest, with folk Romani songs as well as contemporary songs written by Desiderius Dužda. Ida Kelarova will also blend the evocative Roma harmonies and Latin-American rhythm to the smoothness of jazz to create musical synthesis’ that we have come to expect from Valletta 2018.

The performance will be held on the 10th of March at the Don Bosco Oratory Theatre in Gozo’s Capital city, Victoria. Instead of worrying about the winding, narrow streets of Gozo, enjoy the blissful views with Dacoby’s chauffeur service.


The European Capital of culture doesn’t just focus on revitalising our traditions but also aims to instill a sense of cultural appreciation in younger generations. “Hush” is an original musical youth performance, which follows a little boy who needs to find his true voice again to foil the evil Maestro. The show deals with several themes such as fear, anxiety, and loss of confidence in a playful way that is sure to delight audiences, both young and old, as they discover the beautiful, healing power of music.

There will be two sets of shows, one between the 17th and the 19th of March. The second set of shows for schools will be held on the 16th and the 20th of March.

Unity in Music Diversity

Culture doesn’t just refer to traditions, but even modern creations contribute to our culture as it grows and develops. V18 conceptualises culture to help produce a new melting-pot for both old and now. Unity in Music Diversity is a musical festival which will feature various international and local DJ’s playing a variety of music, from all across the world, under one roof. As part of Valletta 2018 this festival promises to give a platform for newer talent to reach out to local audiences. The festival will be held in one of Malta’s largest and most exciting clubs, Sky, in the heart of Malta’s nightlife scene in Paceville.

Travel around V18 with Dacoby Chauffeur Service

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The European Capital of Culture has held several exciting events so far and March promises to continue with a vast repertoire of musical mysteries for V18. Dacoby is your first choice for an executive chauffeur service during your travels around Malta. Travel around the island in style and comfort with our selection of luxurious Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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