<strong>Visiting Malta in Winter: Five things to do</strong>


Malta is better known as a Summer destination with its beautiful beaches and warm, clear waters, its diving hotspots as well as its great Mediterranean climate. However the Maltese Islands have a lot more to offer than sunshine and sea. Visiting Malta in Winter can offer a unique experience so whether you’re still weighing out […]

The Magic of Malta at Christmas Time

Valletta, Malta at Christmas time

Christmas in Malta is an incredibly special time of year, with beautifully decorated homes and streets, nativity scenes, displays of cribs and various festive activities ongoing throughout the month.

The History of the Chauffeur


We know chauffeurs today as suited gentlemen who drive clients to their desired destination – but how did this profession come about, and why the term ‘chauffeur’? Let’s take a look at the history of the chauffeur.

COVID-19 Precautions at Your Luxury Chauffeur Service

COVID-19 has forced all of us to adapt to a new way of life. By following the advice provided by medical professionals, such as consistent hand sanitization and social distancing, we can help keep everyone safe while still conducting business.

Gozo – Enjoy Malta’s sister island in style with a luxury chauffeur service

While Malta has a host of activities to keep the intrepid traveller occupied, it would be a shame to miss out on Malta’s sister island, Gozo. While Gozo only covers an area of 67km2, don’t think that you can enjoy Gozo in just a day. Gozo’s varied entertainment has something to suit everyone’s taste – and thanks to our luxury chauffeur service you’ll be able to enjoy all that Gozo has to offer in style!

Five Merits of booking a luxury chauffeur service for Airport Commuters and Networking events

Whether you’re travelling across countries or commuting to a networking event, travel has a habit of taking its toll on you – from the obnoxious congestion of inter-city travel to wearisome jet lag. But there’s no reason for travelling to be such a drag, in fact for many C-level executives a commute is a brief respite from the stress of work. Thanks to a luxury chauffeur service you can transform your travelling woes with a sophisticated and relaxing commute!

Five reasons you should be using an executive chauffeur service for your business.

Few careers are more demanding than that of running a business. Keeping your team updated, managing company goals, coordinating meetings with prospective clients or investors, finding new leads – the list can go on and on. It’s a wonder how some manage to get all that done in a day. Unfortunately, some resort to nibbling away at their own private time to make sure everything is done according to schedule. But there are other ways to make time without having to sacrifice your own personal time.

Five ways to enjoy a limo service in Malta

Once upon a time, limousines were reserved for the social elite. Their spacious interiors and discrete chauffeurs made limo services the perfect way for celebrities to enjoy themselves away from the paparazzi, or to negotiate million-dollar deals away from corporate boardrooms. Thanks to Hollywood, the stretch limousine has become a cultural icon for glitz, glamour and luxury. But you don’t have to be an A-lister or a celebrity, nor do you need to break the bank, to enjoy a limo service in Malta! Here are 5 ways you can enjoy a limo service in Malta!