Valletta 2018: What’s happening in May

Classical Music festivals, debut album launches of local bands, historical theatrical productions and of course, to commemorate the month of May, the Valletta Green Festival! The European Capital of Culture has ensured that there’s something for everyone to brighten up the wonderfully long days of May. Soak in the sights as our professional chauffeur service escorts you to these once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences!

Valletta 2018: What’s happening in April

As Spring starts to roll in, travelling around Malta becomes more and more of a pleasure. The warm evenings set in and Valletta 2018 is sure to make them a memorable experience! April’s events for V18 feature a wide assortment of musical concerts, one of the best fireworks festival in all Europe and one of the biggest, traditional village “Festas”! A professional chauffeur service is sure to make each experience a blissful night out.

Valletta 2018: What’s happening in March

This year’s European capital of culture, Valletta 2018, has been in full swing for the past two months and it’s been a roaring success, drawing people from all over the world to partake and enjoy an assortment of cultural events! For the month of March, V18 promises several exciting musical concerts featuring many international artists, from Classical Opera, Czech and Romani Jazz and contemporary electronic music from all over the world. March has something for everyone, so sit back and enjoy the music as our dedicated chauffeur service escorts you to each of these fascinating cultural milestones.

Valletta 2018: What’s happening in February

Valletta 2018 is one of Malta’s most extravagant events and as the European capital of culture, For the month of February, V18 has several colourful events including Malta’s infamous Carnival, an international musical symphony and a unique performance by the shadow theatre company Luz Micro y Punto. If you’re in Malta, these events are definitely not to be missed.

Valletta 2018: What’s happening in January

There are quite a few reasons why Malta is known as the Mediterranean’s best kept secret, its warm weather, exquisite food and unique atmosphere, but it is Malta’s intricate history and vibrant culture that has sealed its place as the European City of Culture. Valletta 2018 is…

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To many, Malta is a well-kept secret. Home to an array of ancient temples and impressive yachts, carrying all the charms that Europe has to offer. The country’s grand architecture combines modern sophistication with historic abundance, offering a unique cultural experience and breathtaking panoramic views. Despite its size, navigating around the Island, however, can be quite an elusive task.